SolePower: Power by walking

Mobile energy solutions for portable electronics.


SolePower is an energy harvesting company bringing a power generating shoe insert to market. The technology is ideal for powering mobile electronic devices such as cell phones and GPS. Early adopters in the US will be outdoor enthusiasts which represent a 7 billion dollar market opportunity. SolePower technology has additional applications in the military, developing nations, and other commercial markets.

“Life is becoming increasingly mobile thanks to smartphones and tablets. And with new apps appearing constantly, the possibilities for this kind of connected living could be endless — if only the batteries lasted long enough.” - NY Times


SolePower patent-pending technology captures the energy in a step normally lost to the surrounding environment and converts it into usable electrical power. The mechanism is embedded within a waterproof insole that can be slipped into any shoe. The power generated is stored in an external battery and accessed via micro or mini USB ports. The user does not need to remove the insole, and does not need to attach their electronic devices to their footwear.