How It Works


To generate power by walking, place the cut-to-fit SolePower EnSoles in any shoe. SolePower EnSoles meet podiatrist recommendations for size and comfort. The EnSoles are all-weather and water resistant.

  1. Generator

    The mechanism is actuated by every heel strike. During every step, a small generator spins to create electricity.

  2. Power Pack Connection

    A thin cable transports the generated power to the PowerPac (the external storage component) using a water resistant, detachable connector.



The power generated while walking is stored in an external PowerPac. This PowerPac is waterproofed and can be placed inside of a fabric holster that integrates with the shoelaces to create a secure and comfortable attachment.

  1. Fabric Holster

    Can be opened and closed while still attached to the shoe, allowing PowerPac to be easily placed inside or removed.

  2. Power Pack

    Stores the generated power, made with water resistant electronics and a durable outer plastic encasement.

  3. Shoelace Integration

    Using the toe end and bow end of the shoelaces the fabric pouch is securely attached to the shoe without impeding the functionality of it.



Charge mobile devices by connecting them to the PowerPac’s USB port. Almost any device that can be charged using a computer USB port can be charged by the PowerPac at the same charging speed.

  1. Power LEDs

    Check available power by observing the LED panel, which lights up after pressing center button